‘the only way we both know it’s true is that we both dreamed it. that’s what reality is. it’s a dream everyone has together.’ ~calliope helen stephanides.

WHAT the hell is wrong with od? it keeps on going on and off for maintenance it’s so damn irritating. of course that results in me being extremely bored since my od’s not around for me to spam entries in and i don’t really like blogger but i just keep it so that i can write more personal stuff here. -shrug- this is damn weird. i hate od i hate od i hate od. gah. am sick today – throat infection or sth like that. feel quite horrible. hmm i feel like learning a new language! like latin or sth heh. i think latin would be damn cool to learn even though it’s a dead language and no i’m not a necrophiliac. thinking about learning quenya or sindarin too, hmmm. but the point being it’s an artificial language meaning no one actually spoke it – which means it’s kind of difficult to learn especially when all the resources you have are on the net and it really sucks trying to learn stuff from the net because it means 1 you either kill your printer printing it out or 2 you kill your eyes staring at the screen for prolonged periods of time. gah why is tolkien such a weird person. he actually invented like a few hundred million languages gee. -shakes head- i was so bored last night i wrote out all the names in the belgariad/malloreon that i could remember, and i’m equally bored now, so i’m going to type them all out. this is what no school does to your brain. here goes:

main company
[bel]garion (the godslayer)
belgarath (the eternal man)
polgara (the bride of torak)
poledra (the woman who watches)
ce’nedra (the queen of the world)
silk/kheldar (the guide)
velvet/liselle (the huntress)
barak (the dreadful bear)
lelldorin (the bowman)
mandorallen (the knight protector)
durnik (the man with two lives)
relg (the blind man)
taiba (the mother of the race that died)
hettar (the horse lord)
belzedar (the apostate)
cyradis (she who must make the choice)
toth (the silent man)
errand (bearer of the orb)
sadi (the man who is no man)
zakath (the empty one)

supporting cast
arell (the dressmaker, ce’nedra’s lady-in-waiting)
adara (belgarion’s cousin)
ariana (lelldorin’s wife)
doroon (belgarion’s childhood friend)
rundorig (belgarion’s childhood friend)
zubrette (belgarion’s childhood friend)
greldik (the grumpy sea captain)
issus (nyissan ambassador)
jeebers (imperial tolnedran tutor)
merel (barak’s wife)
brand (the rivan warder)
reldegen (lelldorin’s uncle)
unrak (barak’s son)
urgit (taur urgas’ son)
vella (nadrak dancer, beldin’s mate)
xera (dryad)
yarblek (kheldar’s partner, notorious cheat)
kheva (crown prince of drasnia)
khendon/javelin (chief of drasnian intelligence)
tamazin (murgo princess, silk’s mother)
varana (duke of anadile, regent of ran borune xxiii, later ran borune xxiv)
vordai (the witch of the fens)
xantha (queen of the dryads)

historical characters
cherek bear-shoulders (king of cherek)
dras bull-neck (eldest son of cherek, first king of drasnia)
algar fleet-foot (second son of cherek, first king of algaria)
riva iron-grip (youngest son of cherek, first king of the isle of the winds, first guardian of the orb)
beldaran (twin sister of polgara, daughter of belgarath, wife of riva iron-grip)
fundor the magnificent (rutabaga farmer turned first king of sendaria)
geran (belgarion’s father)
ildera (belgarion’s mother)
geran (the first geran, last remaining heir of the rivan dynasty)
gorek the wise (last king of rivan dynasty before salmissra killed them all)

aldur – [disciples] belgarath, belzedar, beldin, belmakor, belsambar, belkira, beltira
torak (later replaced by eriond) – [disciples] ctuchik, urvon, zedar

countries, capitals, rulers, gods
tolnedra : tol honeth : ran borune xxiii & ce’vanne : nedra
maragor : mar terrin : mara : mara
isle of the winds : belgarion & ce’nedra : belar : riva
cherek : anheg & islena : belar : val alorn
drasnia : rhodar & porenn : belar : boktor
algaria : cho-hag vii & silar : belar : the algar stronghold
sendaria : fulrach & layla : all seven : sendar
arendia : korodullin xxiii & mayaserana : chaldan : vo wacune/mimber/astur
ulgoland : gorim : UL : prolgu
nyissa : salmissra xcix : issa : sthiss tor
gar og nadrak : drosta lek thun : torak/eriond : yar nadrak
mishrak ac thull : gethel : torak/eriond : thull mardu
cthol murgos : taur urgas : torak/eriond : rak cthol
mallorea : kal zakath : torak/eriond : mal zeth

i give up.


‘and there was no feeling, only a mute protest flashing from her eyes as he plunged into her, again and again and again. she could not move, or speak, her mouth formed in a silent ‘o’ as a cry of outrage; but she was paralysed, with fear, and with everything else. outside the bombs rained and the guns thundered; people screamed. as the soldier emptied himself into her he let out a low, guttural sound, an animal. and she watched, for that was all she could do, as he buttoned himself back, leaving her legs splayed across the defiled wheelchair. she stayed like that till someone, anyone came to save her, virgin blood dripping down her legs. there was no feeling, no emotion registered on her slack face, only a horrifying mental violation no one could ever see.’

she told me just like it was, in straight words and no pretenses, that i could leave and do whatever i want, so long as made me happy. if i decided i could live on a thousand bucks a month overseas, so be it. the only thing, she told me, was not to come back crawling to her for money when i ran out of happiness and wanted other things for a change.

‘to hold the world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wildflower
to hold infinity in the palm of your hand
and eternity in an hour’

‘thanks to the human heart by which we live,
thanks to its tenderness, its joys and fears,
to me the meanest flower that blows can give
thoughts that often lie too deep for tears.’ ~william wordsworth, intimations of immortality

‘love, and do what thou wilt. whether thou hold thy peace, through love hold thy peace; whether thou cry out, through love cry out; whether thou correct, through love correct; whether thou spare, through love do thou spare: let the root of love be within, of this root can nothing spring out but what is good.’ ~st. augustine, homilies on the first epistle of john

‘it’s rather scary how from where i am and where you are, i’m thinking one thing and you’re believing another.’ ~bernice.

‘but he saw that while deceiving others he had been deceived, and mistaken them for the empty creatures he wanted to think he was. no, they too, had insides. … no wonder he pretended to be a piece of cardboard; if known as he was, he would be hounded out of the world.’ ~e m forster, maurice

‘i still don’t figure how you managed to do it, knowing it was the only thing i cared about; killing it’

‘i wanted to destroy something beautiful.’ ~jack, fight club

‘and here i am now, sketching it all out for you, dutifully oozing feminine glue, but also with a dull pain in my chest, because i realise that genealogies tell you nothing. tessie knew who was related to whom but she had no idea who her own husband was, or what her in-laws were to each other; the whole thing a fiction created in the lifeboat where my grandparents made up their lives.’ ~jeffrey eugenides, middlesex

‘why do you want your father?’ IT had asked meg.

‘you don’t want your father for a reason,’ meg said, ‘you want him because he’s your father!’

~madeleine l’engle, a wrinkle in time