haven’t been blogging, because since thursday my week has been totally packed. god this weekend’s been good, but i’m too tired to say much about it.

so basically, stayed in school till 830 on thursday for inconversation (which was quite interesting) sth on americans — asad latif makes alot of sense, actually, if you can follow his train of thought and speech pattern. yes. had to take a cab to grand copthorne after that cos my mum conveniently forgot she had to pick me and went for dinner with my cousin. but anyway it was fun cos i haven’t talked to my cousin in ages and he’s a great person to talk to. too bad he’s going in army soon oh well

went to school on friday dressed in red and white to the astonishment of everyone, not only because i followed the dress code for once but also because i actually went to school, and thereafter spent half the day in fort canning looking at the sky, the next 3 hours in the kap cold storage buying a whole trolley of food, and the rest of the day (and night) in edward chia’s house. my god his house rocks it is so damn nice hahaha i love his garden there’s a rambutan tree you can pick rambutans from!!! hahaha yes anyway there was too much food and too much alcohol and too much shit going around . me and neek were acting gay and pak got his pants ripped edward got lifted up mark went crazy candice and sharon were pouring weird shit into their drinks and the guys went crazy trying to start the fire it was so funny. met alot of people i didn’t know before and man i haven’t seen marco in ages hahaha :) i love afua

anyway neek and nadia stayed over at my house but we didn’t do anything cos we were damn tired and i’d been awake since 630 so we just bathed and went to sleep and woke up at 10

spent today studying on the esplanade bridge with people walking past giving me weird looks because i was studying sexual reproduction in animals and the diagrams were in full view of anyone who cared to see, which was apparently alot of people. so yes. and intermittently the camera kept going off and i am now labeled a voyeur cos i take pictures of the weirdest shit. i have a picture of the merlion hahaha yes and i am sunburnt . i don’t believe this this is how gay hahaha oh well. went to andi’s house to watch ndp and took 203857340865 pictures of the fireworks they’re damn nice!!! hahahaha :) yup watched abit of mi:2 before i got chased away by my mum and now i’m here.

oh i forgot to mention i got 4 books for 24 bucks today. am i happy hell yes i am happy. ohohoho more books to read :)

so concludes my very tiring weekend
(i know it doesn’t look tiring but believe me it is)


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