alas, mine absence hath been long indeed, and one wonders if thee hath, in fact, missed me. (one, however, is inclined to say, nay) if thou art pondering the cause of mine absence, or fact that i perchance to speak in dialects of the past, let it be known that this art a result of extreme stress, upon mine nerves and upon mine constitution, that constant peering of books hath such vast effect on me.

i strive now to put to parchment what doth known as thy testimonial, for mine dear comrade neek, for thou art fair and strong, and mine compliments run far indeed to catch up with thee. (5 minutes later) alas, the deed is done, and i can rest at peace, consigning myself to intellectual pursuit of glorious science.

so, fare thee well, my friends! for the journeys toward freedom art long and arduous, and let not the big ‘o’ resign us to our doom. in days to come thou wilt display thy banner of insolence, white and blazing in the eastern sun, pure as white yonder lily. let us fight valiantly and emerge gloriously, mine comrades!



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