1) i love the peace
2) i love the peace
and 3) i love the peace

it is enough to be simply content with a mug of hot chocolate and a book, curled up by the window on a winter’s day, watching the snowflakes fall to the ground in a blanket of ash, the fire of summer long gone. ah, but what a difference it would make to have a lover next to you. — from the whole ‘perfect guy’ thing. haha.

nothing beats curling up on a sofa with a warm cup of tea while raindrops commit suicide on your window. nothing. well, maybe something. somethings. a few things. but very few things beat things like this. :) really. haha i discovered there are other ways to feel warm on a rainy day. walking around is one of them. hohoho

was feeling kindof aldsgf;dkfjgh last night about everything and nothing at all, i realised these moods like to come on a weekly basis, and it always comes at the end of the week. alas such unhappy times are short-lived due to the fact that i seem to be accosted by insanity at every turn, and when you are surrounded by such people your spirits cannot stay down for long. it is probably a good thing everyone close to me is some sort of weirdo. heh. thank you. you help more than you realise, i’m not lying just to make you happy.

i don’t understand how love can sometimes border on obsession. it scares me utterly. and i pray that i will never have to face this sort of thing in my lifetime, ever.

that was not a hint.

i realised there are many things about a person one can wax lyrical about. it is so easy to sit there and do nothing and simply watch someone else, doing whatever it is they’ve been doing. i have this thing for hands, and smiles, and voices, i realised; i’ve taken to looking at people’s hands just to watch how their fingers taper into nothing, and some of these hands are beautiful. i love beautiful hands. beautiful hands on beautiful people and they’re beautiful because i love them too. neek has nice hands, i still maintain, even if they’re bigger than a girl’s hands are supposed to be. yin shan’s fingers are abnormally long. bao’s hands are nearly as small as mine are, which is surprising for someone her height. yea tian’s hands are bigger than mine, and so are grace lim’s. both are shorter than me. grace has small hands but chubby fingers, yea tian’s look very pale. jinwei’s hands are huge. edward’s hands are small for a guy, but he has nice fingers. i think. pak’s hands are huge, too. actually most guys’ hands are huge compared to mine, because my hands are just this als;gjfdghfjgh tiny. someone who’s 1.43m tall has hands bigger than mine. go figure. …ah well. at least, like neek says, i have nice fingers. and aside from the fact that those fingers are stained with ink most of the time and my nails are this sick shade of blue, they’re fine, i guess. i like my hands. hohoho. :)

oh and you have nice hands. i’m not saying that just because you’re.. you know. i couldn’t help looking at your hands today while you were doing physics and i know those two things have no relation whatsoever but, well, yes i think they’re beautiful hands too. they look girly. =x your fingers are too long. haha maybe it’s got something to do with all these piano-playing people guitar-playing writer people. i have no idea. maybe this is why i think you look gay. your hands are girly. -smiles- haha i feel vaguely amused. no i don’t hate you and don’t you jump out the window. i’m telling the truth

i think you’re a beautiful person.

okay enough hahah ah well today is a good day i guess. managed to get work done even though we bumped into 2495873495 people (okay fine i bumped into 238579345 people) and had to walk from one end of orchard to the other haha. i like weekends they make me happy.

the rain has stopped.


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