woah eff man i am damn s;jdfhdjhg sian of mugging. i am beginning to develop a mortal fear of books do you know. i also have this feeling i will fuck up my prelims no matter what anyone says about me being able to do it. ahhhhhhhhh this SUCKS i hate this whole sljkadfhghdfgh thing i wish i was in rp so at least i can push all this shit back 2 more years. haiyahhh. HAIYAHHHH. -screams- i am stressed and why the hell are there so many popups!!!! THE WORLD HATES ME I SWEAR. I AM IN A I-HATE-WORLD MOOD. ah goddammit lets just jump off a building and rot in a heap on the floor. d;lsjfddfjdjk !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words cannot express my frustration. i need to get out of the house but if i get out of the house i will not study and if i dont study i will feel guilty and if i feel guilty i will get frustrated all over again. BAHHHH I FEEL LIKE A MACHINER. (machinery. hohoho) you know like the people who live on the goddamn MACHINE fwaaaaaaaaahh. i am going to become white fungus and feel like white pap and my human soul will be utterly isolated and i will be seraphically free from taint of personality and i will kiss my books three times before i go to bed and feel the delirium of acquiescence. CAN YOU TELL IVE BEEN STUDYING MY LIT. GOOD GOD I WANT TO DIE. NOW. NOW. NOW!!!! >_<

friends romans countrymen lend me your ears
i come not to bury caesar but to praise him
the evil that men do oft lives after them
the good is oft interred with their bones
so let it be with caesar

and i cant remember the rest. ah shit. …..


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