161: that’s where we wanna go

has it not been awhile? the days have been good, even though i just got my results back on saturday. i’m feeling rather neutral about them — so the less said about them, the better. in any case it’s only been a week since i’ve been back from bangkok, but somehow i’ve managed to spend obscene amounts of money — bought a new dress from gap (white shirtdresses? whee!) while walking about vivocity, after a nice relaxing time at the beach at cafe del mar reading (of all things) about food writing. i am seriously addicted to food writing — just can’t get enough!! met up with nadia after i got back, for lunch, and then the mongolia people yesterday at brewerkz, and then scooted off (in pursuit of sj, who cannot drive, haha) to chinatown for a happy karaoke session. ian knows how to sing chinese songs!!! :O in between i’ve been going to school and doing stuff, bumming with the bf (we’ve been doing lots of reading). on a whim, we went to the wine company at 11pm and bumped into ian, who was working at the time; and after we were done, we moved next door to the prata cafe to have prata and pappadums. ooh. i like! so much eating!!!

it’s nice to be on holiday. i’d take more pictures, but i’m more caught up in life.


160: one is the loneliest number

it has been a long time since i’ve written anything, and if this is anything to go by, there’s a long way more to go before it nears anything it used to be. nevertheless, after jo told me about her recently-found copy of eye on the world, i’ve discovered that oranges and emerald hill in 24 hours actually got published despite not completing an entire barrage of paperwork (never trust MOE threats). jo said she liked the orange one but didn’t get the emerald hill one – i found that strange because i never really liked the oranges one much, and it was more an experiment in style than anything, but maybe that’s because emerald hill holds more meaning personally (on a sidenote, i haven’t ventured past alleybar in the past few years, and suddenly i’m spending lots more time in the front of emerald hill rather than in it). yet those two things might have been the last two poems i’ve written in the past few years (geylang maybe – which i liked quite a bit).

so, here goes nothing.
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159: i wanna go on permanent vacation

it’s been awhile!

i’m still stuck in bangkok, the bf has just reached the airport, my mum is cooking lunch for me now after i’ve just gone swimming in the pool. this past week we’ve gone shopping (but we didn’t sight-see, again), eaten LOTS and LOTS, and had lots of fun. good clean family fun!

noteworthy discoveries;

  • the supermarkets in town are really super. there are endless gourmet food halls filled with everything from atas bread to high-class kaya buns to gourmet coffee beans to rice which is sold by weight in a million different varieties. and jelly beans! and also hypermarts that rival carrefour and giant. WHEE.
  • they do not sell alcohol from 2-5pm
  • bedsupperclub closes at ONE – but has really good music. when we went last night, the theme was rock and roll is dead! and they remixed radiohead and zz top and some random nice jazz stuff that only the bf can recognise (elevator songs haha), which made me very happy
  • shopping at MBK and chatuchak and suan lum (which is closing) is NOT cheap at all. if you want to buy, buy wholesale! and go to the wholesale mall where all the vendors get EVERYTHING! (including those cheaty people in far east who sell the same thing i saw there for $5 for $49.90)
  • but there are cool indie designers in suan lum who deserve a mention. the bf scored this beautiful track jacket (which i bought) WHEE!
  • and at MBK, we only bought from one shop selling leather goods. so now my mum has a new bag, i have a new wallet, and the bf has the best, nicest, fake mulberry luggage bag ever (which would be nice even without the happy stamped logo) ooh yes.
  • the buffet lunch we had at the hotel where my dad works is one of the nicest so far – almost everything i ate is nice!
  • i actually have a tan from all the swimming and lying about by the pool in my dad’s apartment!! but tan lines are evil
  • there is a very nice stretch of bars and restaurants two blocks away from where my dad lives. he bought the bf and i drinks the night before and we went home woozy and happy
  • we have watched, in our spare time, 15 (ETA: okay, 30) episodes of bleach
  • now he’s gone, and it’s just me and my mum waiting for my dad to come home again, but it’s been a relaxing week – so good to destress after exams with nice food, good shopping, and being with people i love. whee!

    strangely enough, there are no pictures from this trip, because somehow i didn’t feel like taking any.

    158: hubert the watermelon

    you’re my obsession, i love you to the bones. says: (7:07:42 PM)
    oh i named my watermelon hubert.
    -you’re my obsession, i love you to the bones. says: (7:07:53 PM)
    he took up all the vodka we put into him last night :D
    -you’re my obsession, i love you to the bones. says: (7:10:03 PM)
    he looks like a hubert
    -you’re my obsession, i love you to the bones. says: (7:10:11 PM)
    hubert seems like a very watermelony kind of name to me
    -you’re my obsession, i love you to the bones. says: (7:10:28 PM)
    round. green. kind of quiet.
    -you’re my obsession, i love you to the bones. says: (7:10:34 PM)
    (yeah maybe i’m finally going insane)

    157: holida-ay

    good news: i went for a facial today
    bad news: it took me very long to convince the lady i have no money to buy a package

    good news: i bought the loveliest drapey cardigan ever
    bad news: it is moss green, but i thought it was dark grey (but i can live with it, because)

    good news: i had a nice dinner at marmalade pantry
    bad news: it takes me 5 minutes to zip up a pair of jeans i have not worn in 6 months

    yesterday we went to the park – the first time in a long long time. haven’t been there in ages, but then again, let’s not talk about it. i was happy yesterday, there was beer, and food, and a lovely playground. and great company (:

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    155: happy boys and happy girls we’ll be

    crimson tide! spent most of saturday night feeling fuzzy and warm, which was very good considering i started getting crampy and had a headache through the night – but then again, i slept at 5am.

    it was hong’s birthday party yesterday, the last one in a long long time, since he’s flying off to MIT in september. this year there weren’t 3 cakes (just one) but it was baked with looooove even though d_____ thought it tasted like play-doh (omg when was the last time you played with this stuff!) i think he’s just jealous he doesn’t have someone to bake one for him…

    caught up with grace and joel, all the while marvelling at how all the boys remain the same – as full of nonsense as ever! anyway the good thing that came out of that chat with them is that now there is a meet-the-girlfriend session in the works… joel you better go organise it quick!

    j came to pick me after and his car got banged, now his headlight has fallen out. it would be funny but it’s evil to laugh, so :x anyway we went back home and watched music and lyrics on my mac – after he protested he didn’t want to watch a bloody movie (kill bill) in the middle of the night. hence, a sappy movie! it was actually quite funny – british humour (: (“maybe this time i will write, and i will write like a human, and not like a … small pekinese dog”)

    anyway – here’s some of friday’s happenings (:

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    154: 不甘心不放手

    sometimes i see the things that are happening around me to other people and i feel inexplicably sad. not because these things will never happen to me, or that i will never face the same kind of problem, but that there seems to be an entire level of emotion that i can never relate to. things like dating someone nearly twice my age confound me, because i wouldn’t do it myself, but i can’t bring myself to say anything against it, because i’m always pro-choice. in the end, your life is really about how you want it to be, and parents have to outgrow this thing about treating you as if you’re their precious child. it was probably kox who said it best when he said, i’d ask my mother the same question – what would you do if your father didn’t like daddy? nevertheless, i cannot understand it, though i feel some emptiness on the behalf those who do.

    today was a riotous mess, and criminal law wasn’t too bad – someday we’ll get out of our superhero-complex and stop believing we can do everything in a day – a huge lunch, KTV, movie, shopping, supper, club. but what i liked most, was at the end of the day, sitting around chatting and talking nonsense without work hanging over our heads, talking about things that amuse us the most, and then going to borders and curling up with a book (non-law) till closing, then lounging on a chair al fresco at starbucks doing the most energy-less thing of all, people-watching, with an iced caramel macchiato. i love these moments, the quiet moments, the ones at night. even in the city, where everyone is still awake, there is always a spot somewhere where you can sit down and feel like you can go to sleep.

    152: rainy days never say goodbye

    tell me where’s the way!

    this is a random picture post because i’m really bored and i’ve just about had enough of reading about the history of mens rea in singapore – i don’t understand how to comment on people’s articles when it all just sounds rubbishy to me. “too assertive”? “no substantiation”? “emotive language”? sexual offences and random stupid headings like “gay but not happy” and “sex in the lion city” – omg. it’d make good first-year, introductory reading, but now i’m just like …. no. NO MORE!

    this was monday’s outfit, which i wore into the contract exam – just arrived last week from f21. gloomy days demand extra-happy clothes! i would’ve worn gold shoes (pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!! HAHA omg i’m damn genius), but it was raining in the morning and i hate driving with wet shoes. and talking about driving, i seriously can’t bloody parallel park. it irritates the shit out of me!!! AHHHH

    one of those days where i cheered myself up by driving to da paolo and getting myself a pretty cupcake

    this was 2am in the morning and i decided that the lighting was actually nice enough to make it look like i was in a commercial advertising UCC coffee! which my mother got for free at the petrol station for some reason (randomly, i really miss those days where you used to be able to go to the petrol station and fill up and get free tissue in the process.. hai)

    the bf bought me happy shorts to make me happy. TEE HEE!

    as you can tell, everything was taken with photo booth, cos the quality’s a bit grainy and everything is the other way round. 3 more days to go and all this will be OVER! and then we’ll be out for summer (randomly i don’t know whose great idea it is to refer to university holidays as “summer holidays” in singapore – i suspect it’s SMU – seriously, when there are no weather changes, how is the mention of a season remotely useful!!!)

    oh and i bought another new dress!! (it has already arrived!) now i have three jappy-looking tops/dress thingys. looks pretty though (: need to stop online shopping. going to bangkok/shanghai where i will have lots more things to buy!! ;D