168: things to feel glad about even though i did not really buy anything

– actually being able to enjoy the rainy cool morning and reading newspapers in my garden. because i am actually AWAKE at 7am
– buying a new pair of emergency sandals because my shoes fell apart while shopping with mum today
– this udderly champion moisturiser that smells like milk (haha) called udderly sMOOth with a cow print on the tube!!
– cakes from my favourite patisserie ever in takashimaya (rive gauche!). haven’t eaten their choc charlotte in so long, and this totally swoon-worthy matcha swiss roll with clotted cream and azuki filling. yum. i have such an anglo-japanese tendency :x

i am now having two slices of that roll with some wheatgrass and vegetable juice. lest i sound like a freak, this announcement says WHEATGRASS JUICE = ACTUALLY VERY YUMMY!!

– i am going to nail that pair of jeans from massimo dutti asap (i.e. as soon as all the wannabe aunties get out of my way in the changing room!!!)
– watching magic school bus
– watching TOM AND JERRY! (omg so funny)

amazingly, as an illustration of how hard to see my hair colour is, my mother has not said anything about it. it has been 1.5 days, and she spent the whole day out with me today. however that also means she will not be knowing where all my money has gone. heh heh.

TO HONGKONG IN TWO WEEKS! better plan my to-find list.
there is a movie on belle de jour in the making!
i still want to watch the original belle de jour, currently residing in my cousin’s UK apartment. bleh.


167: she only drinks coffee at midnight when the moment is not right

hello all –

today i took a jump and when i went for a haircut today i dyed my hair violet. this is to say that now 90% of my head is purplish-red, even though that isn’t exactly the colour you expect from hearing “violet”. i wanted dark purple at first, but was informed that since my natural hair colour is the blackest nonsense you can ever find on the face of this planet (i swear, it even looks black when you hold it up to the sun) anything dark and masquerading as subtle would be rendered invisible.

so now it’s slightly brighter, and is a cross between dark purple and dark red. but you still can’t really see it unless you look carefully and/or see me in sunlight/white light, but that’s the way i like my things to be.

in addition, the only reason why i am actually up at 6am in the morning is because i woke up at 5 due to a headache that refused to go away. so other than the nice hair, i actually really feel like shit. :(

ETA: one thing that really irritates me is why do some irritating people manage to be rich at the same time!!! ya, i am jealous. i am so going to buy myself a totally frivolous and beautiful bag the moment i graduate for the heck of it. i have had enough of stupid people buying bags i have been lusting for (5!!!) in one hongkong trip!!!!!

166: jump on board, take a ride, yeah

the past few days have been happy and filled with fun things to do. dropped by robertson quay two days in a row due to coincidence — on wednesday, we went to king’s arcade for lunch and then looked at the picasso exhibition at the tyler print institute. now i’m pretty sure i’m not a prints person, because it all seems very flat and one-dimensional. and lacking something. i like seeing the paint nearly flake off a frame in a museum, or something like that. in any case, picasso’s prints are a bit weird… hard to explain.

on thursday we went to chinatown to karaoke, i paid $7 for parking at a public car park in ann siang hill (sj i am never parking there in the day again!!!), waited for dennis to come till 6pm and sang silly happy songs, had dinner at maxwell, got lost on the way home and took caitlin and kenneth on a joyride around east coast for an hour, and thereafter i rather thick-skinnedly crashed a guys’ night out at brussels sprouts at robertson quay where there was nice beer and yummy mussels. i love robertson quay! such a bummy place!
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164: thoughts on malacca

road trippin’ with my two favourite allies
fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
it’s time to leave this town
it’s time to steal away
let’s go get lost

you can always count on old cities to give you a surprise. round the corners of shops and down the streets something new always lurks behind peeling paint, behind doors that creak and rusty barriers guarding five-foot-ways. the erstwhile traveller eschews a taxi, the bus rattling and groaning like a tin can, falling apart with the weight of holding a frightfully modern airconditioning unit in its body, while we quaintly troop to the front to throw our bus fare (RM1) into a cardboard box next to the bus conductor. the tickets for our coach back to singapore are handwritten. i still cannot figure out whether the boss is local or not. five of us settle at the rear of the bus, the back of its seats scrawled with familiar promises (“aidil + nurul = 4eva”) that have probably been broken by now, numbers to call that lead to nowhere (“for good time, call: _____”) and swear words that have no purpose being there, other than to prove a point (“because i can,” he said). a girl shyly eyes kwek from the corner of her eyes; as usual, he is oblivious, but the rest of us notice because there is nothing better to do. we laugh. the bus moves on. the gutted remains of a house continues to stew in the hot sun without us noticing.
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162: like birds of a feather with you

i often feel like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to weddings. so many photo opportunities! what do i do first? who do i take pictures of? do i focus my attention on the little flower girl whose attention span is the size of a pea (who keeps running around barefoot without her flower hairband and throwing her flower bouquet all over the floor) or the sweet little niece next to me who is beaming at me waiting for me to take her picture? in any case, i gave up because i didn’t bring a camera anyway, and i spent the entire morning before the wedding mass traipsing about far east flora in my heels with my auntie after the tea ceremony in the morning (where the groom had to eat an assortment of disgusting foods to get into the house) looking for flower vases and such, so that everything would look okay at the reception. and then i went to the church and ended up cutting rose stems to fit vases and arranging everything. sigh.

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