264: i ♥ the house of lords

The unhappy results which may follow from incompetent drafting may be, in the case of an instrument held to impose a trust, that it is so much waste-paper, whereas in the case of an instrument differing perhaps on the face of it very little from the invalid trust instrument a good gift of a power to benefit objects may emerge. Thus it is said that in order to avoid fine distinctions the test should be the same for both.

Hello there. Am I missing something here? Who starts a freaking judgment by saying “incompetent drafting leads to wasted paper so we will just make the test the same”?!?!?!



263: 怎么看也看不明白

Sian 一半。 

In school on a Saturday when the weather outside is bright and chirpy. Need a haircut. (And a life.) 


260: クローズ ZERO

Watched Crows Zero over the last weekend. Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday and I have so much work to do. Anyway it was pretty good, although I admit I’m biased because I so totally went to watch it because of the two male leads. It reaffirms what Isaac said to me the other day about Oguri Shun – which is that he manages to be convincing in any role he plays. Even here, as a high-school gang boy. Not like in Gokusen; more intense. I literally saw his mouth twitch in rage for an agonizingly long period of time before he let loose a roar and his eyes burn. Anyway like I said, maybe I’m biased, but he is a very good actor. Who plays a deaf boy, a gangster, and Hanazawa Rui (花沢 類) so convincingly all at one go? (Don’t forget Hana Kimi!) In contrast, Yamada Takayuki – who is also a very good actor, in very diverse roles – doesn’t convince me that much. Maybe it’s because of his baby face.

The soundtrack was good though, and so was the directing, by Takashi Miike. I hadn’t heard of him before this movie but I like his style so I’ll probably check out more of his stuff. J didn’t like the choppy cinematography used for the landscape, but I think it worked pretty well. And there was judicious use of colour vs. black and white. I liked that a lot. That said, it is a manga adaptation after all, so there are loads of funny and stupid parts. I didn’t get the crow reference till the last part, and then it all became clear.

It’s probably going to be on limited run, so go watch it soon!
It’s such a refreshing change not to see Caucasians on the big screen. -_-

258: a peach is an upside down heart

PEACH: ひっくり返る愛のマーク!!!

Err. Cos you know like how I have not been sleeping for the past few days and staying in school till 2am to do my stupid public law assignment. Naturally once it was over I reverted to doing completely time-wasting things.

Like posting pictures.

Oh and I half-forgot there was Equity today.   

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257: 有多少缘分,做多久情人

“如果我们在另一个时候,另一个空间里认识, 可能结果会不一样。


有些事情虽然不可能从电话里听觉的到,但却可能有其他的意外收获。 虽然谈着的都是沉重的东西,听着你温柔的声音含着说不出口的爱悄悄地对我说话,已经不知不觉中地让我心平静下来。