395: reason #2358435 to do corporate law instead

The best kind of judge —

Picture 4

— is the insulting kind of judge.


393: one of us misread

You know how every girl has fantasies?


I had a dream two nights ago. It was a normal party, and everyone was there. It was a gig somewhere, and people were singing, playing. Kind of like in 500 Days, but less cool. It was in the lobby of a shopping centre (I remember the escalators).

There were looks and glances, stolen moments. I felt the stares travelling all the way from across the floor. I think that’s the thing about dreams; you’re hyper-aware of everything that goes on around you, just because you can see everything. Every small detail, things that don’t make sense, even things that don’t apply to you. You see how other people sneak away to do something, how others linger on and try to avoid being noticed. How some people want to do something and then visibly (or not so visibly) stop themselves. Exercising self-control, always checking themselves. Dreaming is a wonderful thing. You see everything.

Anyway. Back to the point. Some guy took my hand and led me away, and said “you don’t know how difficult it is to watch you and think about you being with someone else”, straight to my face. On hindsight, this is probably quite funny. But I was touched anyway, at that point in time (even in my sleep — strange how the mind works). Fantasies are awesome. Because no one ever says this kind of stuff to girls in real life.

It helped that he was wearing a checked shirt. But I don’t remember his face anymore.

390: 我们都别说谎

Here is the story of someone who loved not wisely, but too well. Here is the story of someone who remembers everything, from start to finish. Here is the story of someone who has been up, and down, gone the long way, only to find herself back at the beginning. People never really move from the same spot; they’re the same people they always were. Shallow, selfish, cold. Scared. Alone, lonely, awake in the middle of the night. When the same things run through your head, the same scenes, the same words, and your pillow is wet when your eyes open. Your hair curls in tangles, your fingers are clenched. You hold on to the same old dreams. But we’re running over the same old ground. What have we found? The same old fears.

389: i reach out for you (and our hearts collide)

Checked shirt days are rare. Checked shirt days are the days when the clouds are grey and the sky is overcast and it threatens to rain all day but it doesn’t. Not till you’re inside ensconced in the building where you are constantly on the verge of freezing. But you don’t because your checked shirt saves you. Checked shirts are for days when you feel lonely and cold and require some warmth. A hug that doesn’t need to come from people. Checked shirts are for warm coffee and nice books and hiding in your bed.

Anyway I just bought another one, so that’s one more hug for me!

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