What to say? What to say that has still not been said? What to do? What to do that has not already been done? You’ve always known that some roads are shorter than others. But for all the platitudes we spout, who really expects to take a sharp right from the mundane everyday trundling and crash head-on into an oncoming train? Stuff like that only happens in movies, you say, but you continue to run around finding excuses to be selfish anyway.

Not so, as it happens. The roads are long and short, alternately bumpy and full of surprises, not always good. Sometimes you run, or sprint, or hurtle inevitably towards adventure. You only live once, you say. But mostly you prepare. Mostly you wait, or walk slowly, or take a stroll by the wayside underneath the open sky and look toward the open fields. Mostly you pave these untrodden roads with all the good intentions the world has to offer. There must be a light at the end of the tunnel. But in this world and maybe all other worlds, nothing lasts forever, and we all know roads can change. Nobody quite sees the accidents that are waiting, furtive as thieves, to happen. You are neither a cat nor a baseball player. Strike one knocks you out. You have done nothing wrong. All the logic of this world does not add up and something is rotten in the goddamn state of the universe. But the u-turns on these roads do not allow you to take them.

What to do, then? You suppose you must keep at it. Inevitably the roads get shorter and more insurmountable. Some days you wonder if these are battles you must fight. Some days you wonder if moving forward is really all that necessary. The future up ahead is overrated, you say. Most days you imagine you can fly up and then all of this pain will end. But not yet, and not quite. Who said you would never walk alone? A lie. Who said you would always walk on sunshine? A lie. Who said the experience is in the journey? Still a lie. You suppose you will carry on somehow. The storms, however, continue. The rain ensues.

But remember your invisible, invincible summer.