26, no longer just a law student, still drifty. I like reading, good music, and good food — but that’s most people, given a chance. I don’t really know what to say. I like sharp dresses, sharp shoes, sharp suits, sharp wit, driving late at night, unexpected gifts that make me smile. Putting people on edge, surprising them with things I say. I like to offer pretentious insights and make everything into a metaphor. I was better at it many years ago than I am now. And the usual: alcohol, fast cars, dancing on painful heels, poking fun at friends, whiskey in smoky rooms, the smell of old books, preferably all together at once. I was in the Netherlands for a year, but I’m home too soon. I buy things on impulse, and I hate any fruit I have to peel. I take pictures of things I want to remember. I make up food recipes as I go along when I have to use up food in my fridge. I thought I would like green fields and mountains, but I prefer bright lights and paved roads and getting lost in dark streets in the middle of the night. Drunk, preferably, but mainly just, young. I thought I would like driving through miles and miles of nothingness and wilderness less than I did. I love it when boys smile at me. Smoke bothers me less than it should. Almost every day is spent thinking about where I can go next. I am possibly condemned to ogling my law books, my square squat office, my piles of documents and manuscript comments, for the rest of my life.

I want to roam.


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  1. hey, i chanced upon your blog while searching for info on nus law. i’m a j3 waiting to enter uni and am currently torn between reading law at nus and studying in the US (parents’ money, unfortunately!) to cut a long story short – i always planned on going abroad to study International Relations, until i got accepted into NUS law, an option which my parents want me to consider because of the fundamentally useful nature of a law degree, as well as the much cheaper local tuition fees.

    i don’t mind the idea of being a law student per se, and i appreciate the versatility of a law degree, but i’m not exactly one of those people with an inherent and burning desire to be a lawyer either. if you’re not too busy, i was wondering if you could provide me more information about what it’s like studying in NUS law, such as:

    – whether the curriculum is very dry (although i suppose it has to be dry to a certain extent)
    – whether a lot of memorization is needed
    – whether it’s true that the workload in the first year is the worst
    – how easy/difficult it is to get into a particular overseas exchange program (based on the seniors that you know)
    – how easy/difficult it is to graduate with honours

    my email address is rhythmize@gmail.com, i would appreciate some advice/insight in order to make a more informed decision about my choice of university and course. thanks! :)

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