remember 2004

The obligatory sumup. meeting great new people, having great friends, talking lots more, going to the airport lots to send people off, having people send me off, summer and autumn in Japan, conferences, exchanges, rain, summer in Mongolia, cold cold weather, lots of food, too much food, coming to school way later than usual, skipping school regularly, being troubled over various people, getting over it, writing letters, not writing anything else, frantic notes, too much filing, too little work, old friendships, some heartbreak, happy fathers, sad Christmases and New Years, hospitals, too much MSN, shopping shopping, too much vodka, sleeping, pajamas, way more TV than ever, going to people’s houses, icecream at Venezia, gossip at KAP, YAWP!, supper in weird places, beach, old movies. Aww yeah. Been quite a bad year, but it’s over. and for once I did the things I wanted to do, so I’m quite okay with myself (:


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